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Volunteer with us

As an NGO with a small team running two help desks, a shelter, and an Academy for domestic workers and assisting around 2,000 migrant workers each year, we rely heavily on volunteers to assist with direct services, run programmes/activities, befriend the migrant workers and fund-raising. If you have a passion to serve one of the most underserved groups in Singapore and an interest in social justice issues, sign up now for a volunteer information session. We will e-mail you the details of our next orientation.

We pour a good amount of time and resources into organising our volunteers, so we would prefer if you can commit to at least a 6-month stint (at least twice a week) for case work and befriending work.

Volunteer Testimonials

“I appreciate that HOME is very open to ideas from volunteers. It has not only given me a platform to put my ideas into action but also provided the support to be able to make a difference in my own little way.”

Ruchita Chheda, shelter befriender

“I am also a migrant, except I have better opportunities than the workers. It’s my ‘give back’ time, to speak for the voiceless and help the helpless.”

Ivan Ng, volunteer at non-domestic workers help desk

“I’ve been continually humbled by what depths of richness the migrant workers and staff at HOME have given me.”

Desiree Leong, legal volunteer