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Public forum on the prevalence of abuse and exploitation of domestic workers


Always on call: the prevalence of abuse and exploitation of domestic workers


 There are approximately 243,000 migrant domestic workers in Singapore and by 2030, the government has projected that the numbers may rise to 300,000. What is the prevalence of exploitation and abuse among these women? The Singapore Ministry of Manpower says that the unique nature of live-in domestic work makes it difficult to legislate and regulate domestic work. What does this mean in terms of ensuring that they are given adequate labour protections and enjoy equal rights with all other workers? Drawing on a sample size of more than 700, we conducted a study among Indonesian and Filipino domestic workers to find out more about their well being, working and living conditions. Join us this Sunday 17 December at 130pm at the AWARE centre at to learn more about our study and what needs to be done to ensure that domestic workers are adequately protected.


Date: Sunday 17 December 2017
Time: 130pm to 330pm
Venue: AWARE Centre: 5 Dover Crescent, #01-22, 130005

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