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FDW cleaning window dangers

Dear Editor

HOME is really concerned about the  accidental death of the FDW recently reported to have been cleaning the windows on the 8th floor of an apartment block. These accidental deaths can only be stopped if the Ministry of Manpower would totally  ban.the cleaning of high rise windows by FDWs who are untrained and unequipped to take on such dangerous work. For a paltry wage of $400 or less a month, FDWs who could have fear of heights may be compelled by employers to risk their lives. FDWs are moreover not covered by the Workmen Injury Compensation Act so it is not right to expose them to occupational  hazards without adequate protection like all other manual workers.

Whatever safety seminars put in place by the Ministry of Manpower have not proven to save the FDW who recently fell to her death. Our FDW members are much saddened to hear of another tragic death and both Filipinas and Indonesians have urged us to appeal to the Ministry to impose a total ban on window cleaning on high rise by FDWs.We certainly understand their fears and anxieties and have also encouraged them to give feedback to the  Minister of State for Manpower Tan C J on the urgent need to save one more life.  Indeed, over the years, many FDWs and FWS  have met with tragic deaths in Singapore, we therefore urge the Ministry of Manpower to act so that Singaporre would not be labelled the “killing fields” of migrant workers.

Bridget Tan
Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics